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Studying content

With your personal coach you will learn very efficiently with a low expenditure of time on the basis of scientific knowledge.

You can structure your personal studying content according to subjects and their associated lessons. Each subject can contain several lessons and one lesson consists of several index cards. Every card contains a question and the necessary answer. This can be a vocabulary in two languages or any fact, e.g. highest mountain on earth is Mount Everest, 8848 m. You will also build up your personal factual knowledge in the form of question&answer for lifelong learning.
Flashcards: Question&Answer can be formatted and pictures and advice can be added for better memorization. Texts can be read aloud.


You can manage subjects, lessons and cards, that is, add, rename and delete them.

Creating and importing lessons

Lessons are the most important area of studying content. The TeachingMachine uses the widespread CSV format for import and export, and office software for external creating, so that you can also edit lessons electronically in the long term. This makes it easy to exchange lessons with friends and many vocabulary lists in CSV format are already available on the internet.

Learning methods

With the TeachingMachine you use two learning methods.

Short-term studying

To prepare e.g. for a vocabulary test of one or more lessons, select short-term studying.

Memorize the studying content quickly at first.

Then check your knowledge with the optimized system of a flashcard.

Long-term studying

To ensure that the studying content of a subject is retained in the long-term, select long-term studying. According to scientific findings, the repetition rate depends on your learning progress. The facts to be repeated are automatically selected daily. The learning time is several months. After that, the facts are anchored in your long-term memory.

To shorten the learning time, difficult words or facts can also be repeated more often on the same day. Difficult words are automatically recognized or can be specified by you.

If you want to learn not only difficult words but whole lessons faster, you can also use the short-term studying with the studying variant check at the same time. If long-term studying takes place on the same day after short-term studying, this will be considered.


You can export or import all studying content with the set parameters and your learning progress.


With these settings you can configure and change basic functions:

  • Number of boxes of the flashcards
  • Portrait and landscape controls
  • Displaying advice
  • Language settings
  • Orientation of the screen
  • Changing font size and color

Help for use

The user interface can be adapted to your needs with explanatory texts.

  • Only explanatory texts required at the start of use can be closed with X.
  • Other explanatory texts can be displayed with > and hidden again with v.
  • Explanation texts can be displayed or closed for the current page: ⁝ / Explanatory texts

With the ? in the action bar, the user guide for each page can also be called up.

On the following pages there is an arrow in the action bar to the left of the logo. Tap on this arrow to go to the next higher hierarchy level. The context of the page is specifyed to the right of the logo.

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