The studying content of a lesson is super important. The TeachingMachine uses the widespread CSV format for import and export so that you can process them electronically in the long term. Office software is used to create a lesson in the form of a table, such as Microsoft Excel, Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Apple Numbers and Google Sheets in Google Drive.

This makes it easy to exchange lessons with friends and many vocabulary lists in CSV format are already available on the internet.

In the app Flashcards studying content can still be formatted with HTML, e.g. texts can be underlined and highlighted and pictures can be added. Questions are also possible with one answer as multiple choice. With these functions studying content can be prepared optimally for the own requirements and scientific realizations about the learning process are used.

Alternatively, a lesson can also be edited using the TeachingMachine. The advantage here is that the studying content is assigned directly to input fields and the import sub-step is omitted. The formatting and multiple choice described below can also be used.


After you have tried out the TeachingMachine with the provided examples, direct input into the TeachingMachine is very practical for your first own exercises. The examples can also be used as templates and are available as zip files or can be exported from the app.

Creating with Office Software

If you find typing on a smartphone with a virtual keyboard and small display too tedious, use spreadsheet software. Each lesson requires a table with two columns for the question and the answer.

Further options are described below.


In the first row of the table, you can specify a heading for each column.

Advice Flashcards

In two additional columns, an advice can be added to each question and/or answer.

Formatting Flashcards

Questions and answers can be formatted with HTML, e.g.:

<img src=image.jpg>

Save the file image.jpg to the folder: MM3TeachingMachine/​subject/​lesson/
For the two folders subject and lesson, select the appropriate names for your application.


Multiple Choice Flashcards


Formatting of the question with e.g. three answer options:

Text of the question
a First answer option
b Second answer option
c Third answer option

For the answers sequential lowercase letters from a to z must be used. Every answer must be arranged behind it in the same line.


Formatting of the answer with e.g. with two right option of answering a and c:


The same letters must be used in the same order like in the question. All letters must be arranged one after the other without blank in the same line.

Create a Lesson

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