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Waiting time

MM3-TeachingMachine - Configuration

Here you enter in which time you would like to read and answer a question.

You can set the waiting times within milliseconds:
Waiting timeSo that you:
At startCan prepare yourself for the question.
Per characterHave plenty of time to read longer questions.
At endCan consider the answer.

You can also interactively set the two last times with the left or right arrow key while you are learning.

You can set corresponding waiting times for an answer.

Reading help

A screen line is marked for a better readability. If a text is longer than a screen then the text is scrolled.
Reading helpMarking
Reading positionThe reading position is in addition marked within the reading line.
Screen lineWhen the reading help reaches this screen line, the reading help remains in this line and the text is scrolled.


The MM3-TeachingMachine - Vocabulary BuilderMM3-TeachingMachine has per default the subject Start as well as 4 boxes of the type Right and 2 boxes of the type Wrong . However, you can also use 1 to 9 subjects of every type. If you increase the number of Wrong boxes, the more often you must repeat the cards (vocabulary), which you can remember only with difficulties. You repeat the other cards according to the number of Right boxes. With this possibility of different boxes you can minimize your learning time.

Representing of lists

MM3-TeachingMachine - Representing of lists

Note: Not all mobile telephones can represent double-spaced list elements or big icons.

According to the illustration three variants are offered.
Select the variant which is readable on your mobile telephone.

Keys for the navigation: Right or Next

These functions are most frequently needed and should use the same key.

Key: Right

For the learning mode you can define the most favorable key position (the left or the right soft key).

Key command

If the navigation should differently be used in the configuration and in the learning mode, then you probably can define an operation uniformly over key commands.

  • If the keys on your mobile for Next and Back are the other way round, you must only swap the two commands.
  • If the navigation for Next and Back is on the same soft key, you can define another soft key for one of the commands.
    Please try out the commands 1, 2, ... 8 for this.

Path to the folder TeachingMachine

This includes the folders:
  • Content
    With the studying contents, e.q. vocabulary.
  • Application
    With the configuration, the license and the installation file.
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