Automatically some studying contents from selected subjects are offered to you daily over several months. It always includes all the lessons of a subject. Dependent on your studying progress several facts are questioned again. By this way the facts can establish in your long-term memory.


MM3-TeachingMachine - Subject

All existing subjects are listed. For today, specify the number of Question&Answer to be checked, otherwise when the subject is up again. Below in red letters the number of difficult words.

By action bar you can subjects:
ascending or descending by name.
ascending or descending by date of the next check.
Furthermore you can choose by the context menu:
Exclude or Include
With learning exclude or include the subject.
You can display your learning progress.

Card Flashcards

MM3-TeachingMachine - Card

Advice to Question&Answer

At which position the advice should be displayed.

Withsimultaneously with question or answer.
Afterafter question or answer.
Beforebefore answer.

Read aloud

If the text is to be read aloud, select the language(s). The text can also be read aloud repeatedly.

If you do not select any language, you can interactively read aloud the text.

Learning variant


Long-term studying automatically collects Question&Answer that are particularly difficult to learn. These can be practiced several times for better memorizing, without changing the repetition cycle of long-term studying.


With a click you decide whether your answer is right or wrong. Your studying progress is saved in the TeachingMachine. Every card is moved according to the answer in another box.

Note: Exists an advice to an answer

The decision is made with every answer. If the answer is incorrect or next, a possible advice appears and the answer can be decided.


MM3-TeachingMachine - Question - Answer
Status line
  • The question mark ? symbolizes a question. The character A symbolizes the answer.
  • The card is in this box.
  • The progress bar symbolizes the time for reading the question or making the answer.

Number of questions
  • which were answered wrongly.
  • which were put back.
  • which were answered correctly.
  • which are already answered.
  • which still have to be answered.


Type size and all colours can be changed in the menu Settings / Font and Color.

MM3-TeachingMachine - Position of the gesture
Button: Next
Gesture: Swipe to left or touch
Display immediately the answer.
Button: Back
Gesture: Swipe to right or touch
Displaying previous question.
Button: Right
Gesture: Touch
The answer is correct.
Button: Wrong
Gesture: Touch
The answer is wrong.
Button: Next
Gesture: Swipe to left or touch
Question shall not be judged (put back).

Read aloud Flashcards

Button: Read aloud
Gesture: Touch
Question or answer can be read aloud repeatedly.

Marking of reading line Vocabulary Builder

Key: Arrow down
Gesture: Swipe to top
Moving marking: Down
Key: Arrow up
Gesture: Swipe to bottom
Moving marking: Up

Automatic Feed Vocabulary Builder

Button: Pause or play
Gesture: Touch
Stopping or continuing the reading support.
Key: Loudspeaker up
Reading speed: Faster
Key: Loudspeaker down
Reading speed: Slower

Position of the touch gesture

Depending on the position of the touch, different functions are executed. With a long press the possible functions are displayed in this context.

Which keys or gestures you would like to use and the position can be indicated under Settings / Gestures.

Training Completed

The scheduled next repetition is informed about to you.


Learning Method: Long-term - By long time repetitions