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Your trainer for efficient memorization of vocabulary for all foreign languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, German, English, French, Japanese, Latin, Spanish. Do you want to learn more than just languages with this program? No problem! You can also memorize historical dates, names of people, business figures, other facts with the flashcard. An example is the German naturalization test, which is included in the German language app. It contains questions with multiple choice and pictures. You can enter and edit all learning content yourself on vocabulary cards.

Digital index cards

Would you like to master vocabulary as effectively and quickly as possible for a vocabulary test or exam? In a short time, you will learn best with the well-known index card system according to Sebastian Leitner. With this method, you repeat each vocabulary only as often as necessary until you are sure you have mastered it. Often it is better to write down not only single words but short sentences on the card. With this, you pass your test successfully.

The card index box can be subdivided for different topics. For example, for your class with the subjects and their lessons. The digital card index has many advantages over the physical one:

  • You always have the card index with you, even in the flight mode of your smartphone you can train with it.
  • You can query a vocabulary in your mother tongue as well as in the foreign language.
  • Your learning progress is evaluated in both query directions.
  • Your learning statistics are automatically generated.
  • You can enter your learning content on index cards and share it with friends or use open source lists.

Mnemonics, hearing and seeing

Can you just not remember some vocabulary?
Then you need mnemonics, sentences with a rule of thumb, or example or even pictures. You can save these notes and pictures on each index card. Further tricks are:

  • Write down the answer to each question in handwriting.
  • Move while learning.
  • Concentrate on the audio output.
  • This activates both halves of your brain and stores the learning content particularly well in your memory. So you can quickly recall the memorized vocabulary.

Never forget it again

Do you want to remember what you have learned after an exam and permanently put it into your long-term memory? The time before a vocabulary test is usually too short to store what you have learned in your long-term memory. Therefore you have to repeat the learning contents regularly in longer and longer time intervals. After about half a year, the learning content will be stored in your long-term memory. With this method, you will automatically be presented the flashcards to be repeated every day. Regardless of the repetition cycle, you can practice especially difficult vocabulary several times a day for better memorization. The difficult words are recognized automatically or you can select them manually.

Lifelong learning

The program should be independent of whether you use it in the Hauptschule, Realschule or Gymnasium. Also, whether you use it in your studies, profession, or business, as a beginner or in an advanced phase. For this, it is necessary that you have your exercises with the topics and lessons and that you can work on them yourself. The learning content can be imported and exported to the learning program. The safest way to do this is that the learning content can also be exported in a widely used standard format of office software (e.g. LibreOffice, Microsoft Office, Google Drive ™ with Google Spreadsheets, etc.) can be edited So you can create flashcards for all or only the important words from your vocabulary book or language course according to Cornelsen, Hueber, Klett, Langenscheidt, Pons and, others. Many vocabulary lists with a basic or advanced vocabulary are even offered as free downloads on the internet. So you are sure that you will be able to work on and use the learning content in a few years. However, if the vocabulary lists in an Internet online portal are only available for a fee after registration, this will hardly be possible.

Flashcards: TeachingMachine

The app helps you to learn vocabulary and facts in the best possible way and to remember them permanently. With it, you can quickly prepare for a vocabulary test. With another learning method, you can save the learning content permanently in your long-term memory. The app is much more than just a language trainer! The layout of the app distinguishes a tablet from a smartphone so that you can use your computer optimally.

How much does the app cost?

You can use the app for free! For a small one-time fee (in-app purchase) you can hide ads at the bottom of the screen.

For school licenses please contact us.

The TeachingMachine is available in two editions. Now it's your turn, for this educational software you can download the apps for free in the shops:

Download in the Google Android Play Store: MM3-TeachingMachine - Flashcards - Learning with my mobile Download in the Amazon AppStore for Kindle: MM3-TeachingMachine - Flashcards - Learning with my mobile

If you have any questions during use, we will be happy to answer them at short notice.

We say thank-you for the publishing the TeachingMachine - Flashcards / Vocabulary Builder.

Flashcards - Learning with my mobile

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